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GAPS 2024

14 & 15 JUNE


In 2022 we celebrated the 50 th anniversary of the department of plastic surgery in Ghent and payed tribute to the career of Stan Monstrey. Our very first GAPS Meeting brought friends back together and was a stimulating platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This is what the Ghent Academy of Plastic Surgery (GAPS) is all about.

In 2024 we would like to invite you for the second edition of the GAPS Meeting in Ghent on the 14 th and 15 th of June. This time we would like to pay tribute to Professor Koen Van Landuyt, one of our founding fathers, a remarkable person and surgeon extraordinaire.

You can expect sessions on Lymphatic, Microsurgery, Breast, Transgender and facial surgery as well as innovations in tissue engineering. In these sessions participants, former GAPS fellows and an outstanding international faculty can exchange surgical techniques, tips and tricks as well as debate on controversies, all in a friendly atmosphere.

The GAPS meeting is a small meeting only when it comes to capacity. You can expect a large and esteemed international faculty with high quality and insightful lectures. And of course it is the perfect setting to reunite with friends and expand your network in the wonderful city of Ghent! Don’t miss out!



WATT The Firms. Nieuwewandeling 62, 9000 Gent


14th & 15th of June 2024



There are many fine hotels and B&B's in the area, and we will be glad to direct you to a select few. However, you are completely free to choose on your own!


Dr. Ph. Blondeel

Professor and Chairman at Dept. of plastic surgery, Gent University Hospital

Dr. N. Dhooghe

Staff member at Dept. of plastic surgery, Gent University Hospital

Dr. B. Depypere

Staff member at Dept. of plastic surgery, Gent University Hospital

Dr. K. Van Landuyt

Professor, Gent University Hospital